Full service - upkeep & hosting

1. Professional design and layout, can include all types of graphics (3D art / simulations / movies / animations / logos), contact information, product information, company description, shopping carts, Microsoft Access product catalogs, streaming audio / video, automation, etc.

2. Registration of the company name(s) of your choice on the Internet.
For example: If your company name is "Beller Consulting" your web name could be http://www.bellerconsulting.com.

3. Complete information on how to access, change, and receive statistics on your web site.

4. Periodic site makeovers, and consistent web site maintenance and updating for all of our clients' individual needs.  

5. Cutting edge artwork for your site including:

  • Flash

  • Shockwave

  • VMRL (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)

  • 3D Animation

  • 3D Modeling

  • Web art

  • Logo design


Software search / consulting

If you company is looking for a software solution we can provide low cost searching and evaluation of other company's software packages. We charge a mere $25 per hour to search and find many options for your business. We are true professionals at searching the WWW and designing business software. Therefore we can evaluate and find possible solutions faster than the end user due to our high speed connections to the www and our knowledge of software usability. We will test and gather demos we recommend so your company can find the most cost effective solution for your computing needs.