commerce and our NT platform

e-factor is more than ready to get you business outfitted for commerce. Our choice host and partner Worldwide Internet uses Windows NT Web Servers providing full functionality when it comes to working with e-commerce solutions and database applications. Since our choice host supports our preferred authoring software, Microsoft FrontPage, complete integration to Access databases is possible. Support for SQL, NT servers allow us to build larger, more complex groups of information deliverable in a variety of methods. Our custom software solutions can integrate right into your website for e-commerce solutions and more. 

NT servers are used by a surprisingly large number of companies all over the world. Among these are:

  • General Motors

  • Charles Schwab

  • Continental Airlines

  • Digex

  • Nasdaq

  • Etc.

Some 3rd party testimonials regarding Windows NT Servers:

Quote from Windows Sources - March, 1998 One of the biggest applications of the future will be Web serving, and the NT story is equally strong there, according to CI analyst Jerry Berry. "Windows NT is winning the Web-server war among both large firms (1,000+ employees) and medium firms (100 to 999 employees). "When it comes to Web serving, NT outpaced Unix 47% to 40% in large firms late last year. In medium firms, NT was used by more than twice as many companies, 56% to 25% for Unix.