Quick Presence

What you get

1. Professional design and layout of one "Home" page. This page includes two graphics, your company logo (which we will scan or create at no additional charge) it will be really similar to the evolution of this, company contact information, and a brief (up to two double spaced type written pages) description of your company.

2. Registration of the company name(s) of your choice on the Internet.
For example: If your company name is "ACE Consulting" your web name could be http://www.aceconsulting.com.

3. Complete information on how to receive statistics on your web site.

Additional Fees:

Domain Registration  ~$9.95

Monthly Charges:
Depends on the Hosting Plan
, see hosting rates.


Information Request

E- mail Address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:
Telephone Number:

For all new web site inquiries please complete the following...
Do you have all of your content/information written, prepared and ready to be placed on your new web site?

Please select the time frame you are targeting for the completion of the design services you require:

Please select the approximate size of your future web site:

Please tell us what type of business you will be promoting on the website:

Please explain in as much detail as possible what your web site plans, needs and/or objectives are:

If you currently have a web site, please complete the following...

What is your site address?


If you would like your current web site updated and/or changed, please tell us what your plans are by selecting all that apply:

I want a complete overhaul
I will be adding content / pages to my site
I will be eliminating content / pages from my site
My site needs to be reorganized
I need a new logo
I need other new graphics
I just want some content updated

Other - Please explain here:

Please tell us what you do not like about your current web site by selecting all the items that apply:

Looks outdated
It's boring
It's too wild looking - needs to be toned down
Loads too slow
Does not look professional
Site content does not flow well
Not enough content
Graphics are not cleanly done


Other - Please explain here: