The Company

It all started with two friends going to school at Arizona State University.  Over the course of the year and during the summer they both worked as interns at respectable companies in the Quality Control departments.  After realizing that they had many of the same ideas, they started thinking of ways to automate all sorts of business procedures.  They began developing databases to improve the accuracy and timeliness of typical business transactions. They started developing databases in Microsoft Access.  These databases automated and integrated many Quality Control tasks.   

They became database solution providers and consultants, working on many projects.  They learned how many different business processes and systems work.   Most importantly they began understanding the expectations that drove them.  

The "World Wide Web" (WWW), was not as widespread back then as it is now.  Similarly, it is not as extensive today as it will be months from now!  With this in mind, and their interest and aptitude in computers, these two college students started e-factor Internet Services. 

"We believe that the "World Wide Web" is the best way to provide our customers and your customers with their wants and needs.  The web is the most compatible platform for sharing data and providing e-commerce services."  -Justin Sapio

The circle: - eFactor Facelift - Shared Living Management Software - Quality Control Software